Reflection Community Token

A deflationary community token on Binance Smart Chain which has a tax of 2%, rewards for holders and increasing rarity. Earn and be a part of our community while holding your tokens in your wallet. Avoid taking the risk of locking your funds in places your don't know. Contribute our community by your promotions to get shares and earn even more!


What is Reflection Community Token?

Reflection Community Token is the first ever completely transparent community token. 2% of every transaction is sent directly to the Community wallet, 1% is redistributed to holders and 1% is burned. That's not all. When you promote Reflection Community Token, you get shares in REFCT tokens according to your contributions. In this way, we will create an army of promoters to make you earn even more!

No Risk At All

Reflection Community Token instantly splits fee amongst all holders of the token. No need for staking. No vaults that can be hacked. People buy or sell, price goes up or down, you earn like an exchange. Better yields than staking automatically reflected in your wallet. That's not all. Team tokens locked. Liquidity locked. Contract ownership renounced. No Presales. No Premines.

Constantly Promoted

As you can understand from it's name community based action is essential for Reflection Community Token. Promotion is the most important of them. Our community members constantly search Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Youtube for contributions. When they see your contributions, you get rewarded with tokens. That's not all. Reflection Community will give you a share of tokens when you continue to contribute. This is how we create an army of promoters.

Let's Build This Community

We earn from each other as a community. We earn more as our community grows. Start holding Reflection Community Token, promote as much as you can. Let's grow!